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Concrete Pumping

Right Away Concrete Pumping is a highly respected, professional pump company with four locations in the East Bay area: Oakland, Union City, Concord/Martinez, and Pleasanton. Right Away Concrete Pumping works in conjunction with Right Away Redy Mix as a full service delivery company for placing concrete, inconvenient to curb side delivery, for your residential and commercial needs.

Our operators are highly trained courteous and informative professionals, dedicated to completing your pumping needs with a personal touch. In addition, our operators are there to operate the equipment, and to assist, as you place the concrete.

Prior to our arrival to the job site we ask that you reserve several curb-side parking spaces to fit the pump equipment and the mixer truck. This can be done either at the time of obtaining your building permit, or by coning off the space prior to our arrival.

When you order a pump from us, it is our intention to dispatch the pump to your site with enough lead-time to arrive, and set up the equipment prior to the concrete arrival time.

At the completion of the pour the pump operator needs to clean the delivery system by flushing water through the pump and hoses. This can be accomplished in one of two ways:

  1. The unused concrete and slurry water used to clear the delivery system can be poured onto the property on which the pour occurs if the area is of sufficient size to accommodate all of the unused concrete and water; all materials and water must be completely confined to the property with no chance of running off into the street or nearby streams or storm drains; OR,
  2. As a service to you, the Right Away mixer truck can remain on-site so that the pump operator can flush any remaining unused concrete and slurry water back into the concrete mixer truck, thereby preventing runoff into the street, storm drains or nearby streams; the only charge is for “stand-by” time as explained in the conditions prior to the pour.


Concrete delivered through hose


3/8″ pump in use